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Read carefully the rules in the premium list. Entry closing dates vary, so check rules for your category. The undersigned proposes to exhibit at the 2015 Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair Inc., the articles hereinafter named and do hereby certify that the said named articles, so proposed to be exhibited, are here entered for exhibition, in accordance with the rules and regulations contained in the Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair Premium List, and by which the undersigned hereby agrees to be governed in exhibiting the same. The undersigned exhibitor assumes all risk of damage or loss, either to person or property, from all and every cause whatsoever, including fire, the elements, violation of the law, negligence either on the part of the Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair, Inc. its officers, servants and agents or employees, or by other person, and it is further expressly understood and agreed between the undersigned exhibitor and the Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair, Inc., that the said Fredericksburg Agricultural Fair, Inc., incurs no liability or obligation to the undersigned exhibitor other than to permit the exhibitor to use the ground or space described herein in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

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